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Market Research Targeting Doctors in MENA

Middle East and Africa are fast growing areas economically, billions of dollars are spent there on healthcare and this is why many medical and pharmaceutical companies are interested in selling their products there but to start working in a new area like Middle East and Africa the 1st step for these companies is to study the market and this is what we call market research.

Doctors are the cornerstone of healthcare industry; this is why conducting surveys for doctors is the best method for companies to understand the healthcare market, preferences for doctors and customers.

Facmedicine is the largest forum for verified doctors worldwide with 7 million visitors yearly, 1.4 million Facebook fans and 95.500 doctors, which make Facmedicine one of the best websites that connect doctors from different countries and specialties.

Facmedicine offers doctors multiple services like forum, blog, quizzes portal, jobs portal, contests and competitions, all services offered for doctors are completely for free.

"Doctors have similar language, lifestyle, challenges, goals and interests, In Facmedicine we aim to connect all doctors from all countries together." Dr.Hesham Reda founder of Facmedicine said.

For companies Facmedicine has different data in comparison with other social networks for verified doctors as most of the registered verified doctors in Facmedicine are from Middle East and Africa.

Facmedicine can send paid surveys for registered verified doctors in 153 countries and 74 specialties with much higher numbers in MENA area; if you are interested in this service you can contact Facmedicine by E-mail at marketing@facmedicine.com