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The Largest Online Network For Verified Doctors in MENA

Social networks are the websites that attract most internet users nowadays, there are many specialized social networks for doctors, like SERMO for doctors in USA, Coliquio for doctors in Germany and Curofy for doctors in India.

Facmedicine is the largest forum for verified doctors worldwide with 7 million visitors yearly, 1.4 million Facebook fans and 92.500 doctors.

According to Dr.Hesham Reda, founder of Facmedicine they have more than 11.000 registered verified practicing doctor in MENA, which is considered as a big number in comparison to total number of doctors in MENA.

By the way according to Emirates 24/7, MENA healthcare spending to reach $144 billion by 2020, which increases the potential for Facmedicine in the future as an exclusive network for doctors in MENA.