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How to improve your immunity?

How to improve your immunity?

Immunity is a biological defense against infection, disease and unwanted invasion so immunity has great role in our life and we should improve it and we will discuss how to improve our immunity.
  • Recharge your body by sleeping well.

  • Exercise daily, 45 min is enough.

  • Quality of food is much better than quantity so eat well not more.

  • Fruits, vegetables, grains are good for your immunity.

  • Garlic is very important in stimulating immune system as it acts as antibody especially if eaten alone.

  • Green tea contains alkylamines which increase body immunity.

  • Don’t be stress, you are killing yourself.

  • Laugh more; it will be good for your immunity.

  • Yoga can improve your health and immunity too.

  • If you are smoker stop smoking immediately.

  • Take care of your body and its hygiene
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abeer said...

am asking about pregnancy excercise

Anonymous said...

what the type of the exercise for the buootks and the thighs.?

Anonymous said...

For exercise for buttocks and thighs climb the stairs 100 times



Anonymous said...

thanks alot for this information