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How to take a medical history?

How to take a medical history?

A-   Personal history:-

1-     Complete name
2-     Sex
3-     Age
4-     Occupation
5-     Address
6-     Marital state
7-     Special habits of medical importance
8-     Menstruation

B-   Complaint:-

Patient main complaint in his own words with avoidance for multiple complaints

C-   History of present illness:-

Starting from the last time at which the patient was completely healthy, we mention the symptoms and analyze each of them according to
1-     Onset “Acute – gradual – Accidental”.
2-     Course “Regressive – progressive – stationary – remission and exacerbation”.
3-     Duration “Short – long”

D-   Past history:-

We mention previous illness, similar attacks, surgical operations, drug treatment and blood transfusion.

E-   Family history:-

We mention any history of consanguinity or similar conditions in the patient’s family.

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Anonymous said...

then the drug history ..

Anonymous said...

Thanks Bro..

ahmed said...

thanks Dr for this great article :D

ref3at said...

Thanks bro :D

muhammed said...

there is what is known by SYSTEMIC REVIEW and as the name indicates that you should ask the ptn systematicaly starting from the head to the tip of the foot!

Jo1512 said...

Thanks doc

Anonymous said...

And the social history.

kufre udoh said...


Ani George said...
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Anonymous said...

Guess also need to mention Allergies to medications

Anonymous said...

Signs and symptoms...allergies...past medical history..what medications currently on..