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10 Tips To Pass OSCE Exam

1- Before the exam try to memorize how to take history and try to watch some examination videos.

2- Make easy schedules and mind maps for yourself , in the exam you are nervous so you will not remember every thing you studied.

2- Remember the examiner doesn't hate you and he is not your enemy.

3- You are still medical student , you are not supposed to know every thing so relax as much as possible.

4- Common cases in real life are more common in OSCE Exams , also Classical presentation in more common in the exams.

5- You have to treat the patient well , ask about his name and shake his/her hands.

6- Stand in the right side to the patient and don't forget to wash your hands.

7- Keep your smile , It is something positive.

8- Dont forget the time , 1 minute may save a patient in real life so they like to examine your capabilities to achieve the task in limited time.

9- Try to explain for the examiner what you are doing as much as possible. 

The Canadian Medical Council

The Medical Council of Canada grants a qualification in medicine known as the Licentiate of the Medical Council of Canada (LMCC) to graduate physicians who have satisfied the eligibility requirements and passed the Medical Council of Canada Qualifying Examination Parts I and II.

1- Medical Council of Canada Evaluating Examination (MCCEE) is a General assessment of the candidate's basic medical knowledge in the principal disciplines of medicine and costs 1,615 Canadian Dollars. "1 Canadian $ equallS about 1.01 US $"

2- Qualifying Examination Part I (MCCQE Part I) is a computer-based test that assesses the competence of candidates who have obtained their medical degree and costs 900 Canadian Dollars.

3- Qualifying Examination Part II (MCCQE Part II) is Objective-Structured Clinical Examination that assesses knowledge, skills and attitudes essential for practicing medicine in Canada prior to entry into independent clinical practice and costs 2,150 Canadian Dollars.

Source : MCCEE Forum & MCCQE Forum

How To Choose Your Medical Specialty

Every medical student asks himself this question , and it is very hard question as its answer controls his life and his career for long time so answering it needs time and searching

From surgery to Internal Medicine to Psychiatry and other specialties and sub-specialties, it is really a very hard decision. 

I think this quiz is a great tool for medical students who want to discover the best specialty for their personality: Medical Specialty Quiz 

The Australian Medical Council

The Australian Medical Council (AMC) is the Australian national standards advisory body for medical education and training.

The examination comprises of 2 parts, a multiple-choice exam and a clinical examination.

The Multiple Choice Questionnaire (MCQ) is a test of the principles and practice of medicine in the fields of internal medicine, paediatrics, psychiatry, surgery and obstetrics and gynaecology. A number of questions on each discipline also have a focus on general practice.

The Clinical Component of the Amc Exam consists of an entire morning or afternoon spent assessing your clinical skills though stations. These scenarios will contain a clinical scenario and you will be asked a number of tasks - most of the time it is essentially generic - a short clinical preamble, and then 'Take a history and proceed' as your instruction.

For More Info Visit The Australian Medical Council or AMC Forum Here : https://forum.facmedicine.com/forums/amc.18/

What is Binswanger's disease ?

Binswanger's disease or Subcortical vascular dementia as discribed by Otto Binswanger in 1894 is a form of dementia caused by damage to the white brain matter.

Atherosclerosis is the most common cause of Binswanger's disease so it is considered as a particular type of atherosclerosis-related dementia.

Binswanger's disease is more common in men between 50 to 70 years old and It is characterized by affection of memory , intellectual function , mood changes and the ability to act or to make decisions.

The histologic findings are diffuse, irregular loss of axons and myelin accompanied by gliosis, tissue death.

Binswanger's disease has a poor prognosis as there is no cure , also it is considered as one of the most severe types of vascular related dementia , so physicians depends on treating the vascular cause.


Video : The First Human Who Is Born With Cat Eyes And Has The Ability To See In Dark

According to Faculty Of Medicine , Nong Youhui, a blue-eyed boy in China, stunned doctors with his ability to see in pitch black with eyes that glow in the dark; his 'cat's eyes' makes him to read perfectly without any light and sees as clearly as most people do during the day - setting the world record for the First human who can see in the dark, according to World Records Academy

Doctors have studied Nong Youhui's amazing eyesight since his dad took him to hospital in Dahua, southern China, concerned over his bright blue eyes.

Dad Ling said: "They told me he would grow out of it and that his eyes would stop glowing and turn black like most Chinese people but they never did."

Medical tests conducted in complete darkness show Youhui can read perfectly without any light and sees as clearly as most people do during the day.

Source : Video : The First Human Who Is Born With Cat Eyes And Has The Ability To See In Dark

The best movies for medical students and doctors

According to our forum "Faculty Of Medicine" , this is a list with the best 27 movies medical students and doctors should see

1- The Fisher King

2- Wit

3- Philadelphia

4- Terms of Endearment

5- Leaving Las Vegas

6- The Doctor

7- Awakenings

8- Patch Adams

9- Something the Lord Made

10- And the Band Played On

11- One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

12- The Painted Veil

13- The Race for the Double Helix

14- Article 99

15- People Will Talk

16- Malice

17- Sicko

18- John Q

19- The Men

20- My Left Foot: The Story of Christy Brown

21- Red Beard

22- My Own Country

23- The Hospital

24- Britannia Hospital

25- Bringing Out the Dead

26- The gifted hands of Ben Carson

27- Pathology

Source : Medical Students Forum in Facmedicine