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Iron deficiency anemia

Anemia is a condition in which the body doesn’t have enough red blood cells to provide oxygen for the 

Iron deficiency anemia is a common anemia in which haemoglobin can’t be formed due to the decreased iron level.

Causes and risk factors:

Iron deficiency anemia is more common in women especially pregnant women and there are many causes for it as:

1- Blood loss as in GIT or vaginal bleeding
2- Poor absorption as in celiac or crohns disease
3- Lack of iron in the diet

Signs and symptoms:

1- Easy fatigability
2- Pale skin and mucous membranes
3- Shortness of breath
4- Headache
5- Brittle nails with loss of lustre and koilonychia
6- Angular stomatitis
7- Decreased appetite
8- Tender tongue
9- Palpitations
10- Hair loss
11- Depression
In addition to the signs and symptoms of the cause of the anemia.


To prove anemia: (decreased Hb – RBCs – PCV)

To prove iron deficiency: (decreased MCV – MCH – MCHC – Iron – Serum Ferritin – Transferrin saturation and increased IBC – Free erythrocyte protopotphyrin) 

To determine the cause: (Stool for ankylostoma – Occult blood in stool – GIT endoscopy)


1- Treatment of the cause
2- Iron supplements (oral with vitamin C to increase absorption, if the patient can’t tolerate that he can take it intravenous)
3- Blood transfusion in severe cases

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