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Stem cells treatment

Stem cells are undifferentiated cells that can renew themselves and be differentiated into specialized cell types; there are two types of stem cells which are adult stem cells and embryonic stem cells.

Stem cells treatment is used nowadays in bone marrow transplantation, leukaemia treatment and it is expected to treat other types of cancer, diabetes mellitus type 1, cardiac failure and Parkinson’s disease.

Recently Stem cell therapy was used to treat HIV patient in United States successfully and the patient is HIV-free for more than three years till now.

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Faculty Of Medicine said...

What is your opinion on "Stem Cell Therapy" ?

Anonymous said...

this is very advanced..most of us who visit this site are med students or young doctors so...maybe something easier;-)
anyway..it seems that it is future of medicine..

Anonymous said...

It will be something of a good importance in the future...
but what goes around in my mind is that what are the influences which effects stem cells differentiation...
and if we have already known the embryology and it's genesis then why there is a lil knowlage about stem cells ...:S