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Short Medical Case Study "6"

A 58 years old male came to the emergency room suffering from fatigue , nausea and vomiting , on examination his liver was enlarged and tender , investigations revealed elevated liver enzymes , negative viral markers , negative ANA , negative SLA , Negative LKM.

The patient has no history of drug or alcohol intake

What is your provisional diagnosis for this case?

Diagnosis : right side heart failure


Anonymous said...

Coz i know many of you dont know What's ANA, SLA & LKM, and am really deppressed coz this site doesnt show completely the good diagnosis usually...!!!
ANA: AntiNuclear Antibodies.
SLA: Soluble-liver Antigen.
LKM: Liver-Kidney Microsomal(Antibody)


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Anonymous said...

i think diagnose

Hepatitis idiopatic