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Journal of Pakistan Medical Students

Journal of Pakistan Medical Students is the first international, medical student journal from Pakistan. It’s an open access and peer reviewed journal with quarterly publication on the web. First issue to be available on 1st April 2011.International students are welcomed to contribute to the journal. Anyone can submit an article since being from Pakistan and a medical student is not mandatory.

Call for Papers: Send you Original Articles, Abstracts, Interesting Cases, Clinical Images, Health Letters, Elective Reports and Sage and them published in an international journal. Furthermore send your CV and cover letter to become reviewer or Regional Chairperson.

Scope and Vision:

“Journal of Pakistan Medical Students” (JPMS) is the first online, peer-reviewed medical journal formed by Pakistani medical students. It aims to provide a forum not only to medical students but also to doctors for publication of their articles, discussion on important medical topics, assistance and guidance to students intending a foreign electives experience, bridging the gaps and promoting communication between medical students. It’s one of very few journals of medical students publishing original contributions. The journal is not confined to the medical students and to medical students only. Anyone can contribute. JPMS welcomes any topic related to medical sciences, dental medicine and nursing as well.

For any queries and submission of articles send as email attachment to: editor.jpms@gmail.com

Website : http://www.jpmsonline.com/
Facebook Page : http://www.facebook.com/jpmsonline